Pertussis: Incidence And Surveillance In Municipalities Of 6 Regional Health Management Of Paraíba, Brazil


  • Juliane Oliveira Costa Nobre
  • Elicarlos Marques Nunes Faculdades Integradas de Patos, Paraíba, Brasil
  • Ana Lúcia Frugis Yu
  • Milena Nunes Alves de Sousa
  • Theonys Diógenes de Freitas
  • Raquel Campos de Medeiros
  • Manuela Carla de Souza Lima Daltro
  • Adyl Carlos Ferreira Rodrigues
  • Denisy Dantas Melquíades Azevedo
  • Silvia Ximenes Oliveira
  • Fabriciano Santos Souza
  • Isabella Evelle Sales Lima
  • José Cássio de Moraes



Introduction: Pertussis is an infectious and highly contagious disease of the respiratory tract, caused by a bacterium called Bordetellapertusis. It can occur at any stage of life. The prevention of whooping cough is effective part of the National Immunization Program (NIP) in Brazil, which offers the vaccine free of in public health. Data relative to notifications of cases of whooping cough in Brazil are stored and grouped in the Notifiable Diseases Information System (SINAN).

Objective: This study aimed to know the incidence and surveillance for pertussis in municipalities linked the 6th Regional Health Management of Paraiba, and as specific, assess the completeness of data of reported cases and verify the use of antibiotics in all reported cases of disease.

Method: It is a study of epidemiological type of analytical and descriptive character.

Results: The results show that most cases occurred in 2013, a fact overlooked by the Regional which showed no action to contain the disease occurrence. What in epidemiological terms directly affects any action that might promote rapid response on measures to enable new cases.

Conclusions: It is important to adopt strategies to identify early the incidence of cases as a way to control or suppress the disease to a small group, so it is necessary to have enough information for diagnosis and treatment.

Keywords: Pertussis. Epidemiology. Incidence.


Author Biography

Elicarlos Marques Nunes, Faculdades Integradas de Patos, Paraíba, Brasil

Nurse. Master in Public Health. Assistance in Emergency Mobile Service and Teacher of Nursing and Public Health.







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