Burnout Syndrome in Community Health Agents: an Integrative Review


  • Thaís Dandara Azevedo da Silva Federal University of Paraíba - Brazil.
  • Hebe Janayna Mota Duarte Beserra
  • Maurício Caxias de Souza
  • Sérgio Ribeiro dos Santos
  • Ericka Silva Holmes
  • Rayanne Santos Alves
  • Wilma Dias Fontes Pereira
  • Aurilene Josefa Cartaxo Gomes de Arruda
  • Jackeline Abílio de Souza
  • Leila de Cássia Tavares da Fonseca
  • Maria Bernadete de Sousa Costa
  • Laura Cristhiane Mendonça Rezende Chaves
  • Juliana Barbosa Medeiros
  • Gerson da Silva Ribeiro
  • Jessyka Cibelly Minervina da Costa Silva
  • Luciara Cristina Ferreira Dos Santos




Objective: analyze the Burnout Syndrome on Health Community Agents in the nursing context, based on online periodicals. Method: integral revision of the literature. The data was collected between March and October of 2015 on the LILACS and BDENF databases. Results: 6 articles were composed with this study samples, emerging into the development of two thematic categories: 1) ACS ways of sickness; 2) Confront strategies by the Health Community Agents. Conclusion: The forms of sickness experienced by the agents cannot be modified or avoided since they represent essential aspects of this professional performance. In order to face this problem, it seems to exist an unfamiliarity, by this professional category, of the large number of activities that can be developed with the objective of decreasing the stress of the work process.

Author Biography

Thaís Dandara Azevedo da Silva, Federal University of Paraíba - Brazil.

PhD student in Decision Models and Health at the Federal University of Paraíba - Brazil.






Global Health & Health Policy

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