The Bibliotherapy in the Humanization of Care: Contributions to Nursing Practice

Contributions to nursing practice

  • Renata Carla Nencetti Pereira Rocha Federal Fluminense University
  • Eliane Ramos Pereira Federal Fluminense University
  • Rose Mary Costa Rosa Andrade Silva
  • Amélia Marina Morillas Bulnes
  • Alciléa Barbosa de Andrade Sora
  • Sílvia Helena Oliveira da Cunha


Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic method in which reading and dialogue practice provide emotional and psycological growth to sick and helthy people by helping them solving their internal conflicts and consequently improving their quality of life. The aim of this article to reflect upon about biblioterapy in a health and hospitalization context in order to contribute to the nurse's performance that seeks to provide a humane, total and of quality care assistance. It is concluded that bibliotherapy can be used as a strategy to humanize the hospital care behold, because it provides moments of relax, pleasure and joy to patients and families when in hospital. It creates an opportunity to approach people, and promotes a healthy environment where different experiences are exchanged for the quality of care.

Descriptors: Biblioterapy; Hospitals; Nursing Care

Nov 5, 2016
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