Nursing cardiovascular care to potential donor with brain death


  • Carla Daniele Mota Rêgo Viana
  • Ligia Fernandes Scopacasa
  • Tatiana de Medeiros Colletti Cavalcante
  • Bruna Michelle Belém Leite Brasil
  • Natália de Lima Vesco
  • Natasha Marques Frota
  • Camilla Pontes Bezerra
  • Débora de Araújo Moreira Varela
  • Jênifa Cavalcante dos Santos Santiago
  • Maria das Graças da Silva Guerreiro
  • Lorena Maia Morais
  • Isabelle Morais Braga



Brain death; Nursing Care; Tissue Donor, Brain death, Nursing Care, Tissue Donor


Objective: Identify and analyze the knowledge of nurses regarding the maintenance of the potential donor with brain death on the cardiovascular changes that it may present, besides the care related to infectious aspects.

Methods: This is a descriptive study with a quantitative approach, with the sample of 82 nurses.

Results: It is noteworthy 85.4 % of respondents said they feel prepared to assist these patients; however, we found high prevalence of partial knowledge among nurses interviewed on the subject in question

Conclusion: In that way, it is clear the need for educational activities and continuous improvement to health professionals on the subject, allowing an expansion of scientific knowledge and assistance qualified practice, resulting in more uniform and professional conducts an increase in the quality of offered organs.


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