Neurogenic Bladder Complicated with Giant Urethral Stone in a Male

  • Shih-Ta Shang
  • Yen-Lin Chen
  • Kuo-An Wu
  • Wen-Fang Chiang
  • Jenq-Shyong Chan
  • Po-Jen Hsiao
  • Chu-Yu Hsu


We report an interesting case of complicated urinary tract infection. 72-year-old man was brought to our Emergency Department (ED) due to abdominal pain and general weakness for 2 days. He was febrile with a body temperature of 39.2°C. Physical examination showed lower abdominal tenderness. Serum laboratory examination revealed severe leukocytosis and high procalcitonin level. Urinalysis revealed hematuria and pyuria. KUB showed multiple small calcified lesions and one huge calcified mass projecting in the lower pelvis. CT of abdomen displayed multiple calcifications of prostate and a large calculus (4.2 x 2.7 cm) in the poster urethrae. The diagnosis of huge urethral stone complicated with urinary tract infection was made finally. Early recognition and appropriate treatment of urolithiasis associated complications are imperative.

Jan 2, 2017
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