Elaboration of an Educational Booklet about Papanicolaou Smear

  • Maria Gildellyana Maia de Moura Centro Universitário Estácio
  • Nadiny Veras Pereira Centro Universitário Estácio
  • Paula Mara Leal do Nascimento Centro Universitário Estácio
  • Demylson Sudario de Araújo Centro Universitário Estácio
  • Natasha Marques Frota Centro Universitário Estácio
  • Ana Carolina Maria Araújo Chagas Costa Lima Centro Universitário Estácio
  • Camilla Pontes Bezerra Centro Universitário Estácio
  • Bruna Michelle Belém Leite Brasil Centro Universitário Estácio
  • Samila Torquato Araújo Centro Universitário Estácio
  • Ana Priscila Marques Lima Centro Universitário Estácio
  • Lívia Moreira Barros University Federal of Ceará
  • Joselany Áfio Caetano University Federal of Ceará


Objective: To describe the process of building an educational booklet about Pap smear. Methods: Methodological study with a view to build an educational booklet about Pap smear. The construction of the booklet took place from September to October 2015 and took place in two stages: literature and manufacture of printed educational technology. Results: The booklet entitled "Examination papanicolaou. Learn more!" was structured and contextualized with easy to understand information composed of 14 illustrative and informative pages in order to meet customer needs. The booklet is divided into ten areas that aim to clarify questions related to the Pap smear from the time before the exam to return to the researched result. Conclusion: The booklet is a viable method for dissemination of knowledge, being able to contribute to the promotion of women's health as the Pap smear.

Aug 29, 2016
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MOURA, Maria Gildellyana Maia de et al. Elaboration of an Educational Booklet about Papanicolaou Smear. International Archives of Medicine, [S.l.], v. 9, aug. 2016. ISSN 1755-7682. Available at: <https://imed.pub/ojs/index.php/iam/article/view/1796>. Date accessed: 26 sep. 2021. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3823/2081.
Global Health & Health Policy


Nursing; Papanicolaou Test; Women's Health; Nursing Education.

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