The blog as educational tool for health education: possibility of joint-service education

  • Aretha Feitosa de Araújo Curso de Mestrado Profissional Ensino na Saúde - CMEPES - Universidade Estadual do Ceará.
  • José Maria Ximenes Guimarães
  • Eduardo Carvalho de Souza
  • Tatyane Oliveira Rebouças
  • Heraldo Simões Ferreira
  • Alice Maria Correia Pequeno
  • Antonio Germane Alves Pinto
  • Myrla Alves de Oliveira
  • Claudia Mendes Napoleão
  • Danilo Carvalho Rodrigues
  • Ana Maria Araújo Salomão
  • Élcio Basílio Pereira Machado


Introduction: the context of teaching practices, particularly in health, given the incorporation of technology resources, challenges teachers to adopt innovative educational strategies that promote interactivity, flexibility and autonomy. Information and communication technologies - ICT's, enable the creation of virtual learning environments, and the blog is a possibility to operationalize educational practices according to demands of the digital age. Objective: to report and analyze the experience of building a blog as educational tool, applied to health education. Method: This is an report of the experience of development of a formative teaching process in health, sought to exploit the teaching practices with the use of ICT's. The experiment involved teachers and students in a master's program, as well as users of a health service. The information gathered based on the records of this process by the students, on the presentation and evaluation of experience in classroom in 2015, presented through narrative. Results: The process of construction and operation of the blog, as the ICT implementation strategy to health education, enabled the students responsible for the activity experience a process of meaningful learning, permeated by role and autonomy. In the perspective of joint education and health services, the blog has proved potent for the development of health education among the users. Final thoughts: the blog has made it possible to develop the integration and collaboration between the subjects involved, as well as critical reflection about the educational tools in the field of health. In this way, ICT's have proven powerful in developing an emancipating education and transformer of social reality.


Keywords: Health; Educational Technology; Teaching.

Oct 2, 2016
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Health; Educational Technology; Teaching.

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