Effect of the Muscle Energy Technique and Self-Stretching on Flexibility Gain of Posterior Chain

  • Israel de Lucena Marques
  • Maercio Mota de Souza
  • Thiago Alves Munguba
  • Elvis Costa Crispiniano
  • Felipe Longo Corrêia de Araújo
  • Sêmio Wendell Martins de Melo
  • Elicarlos Marques Nunes Faculdades Integradas de Patos, Paraíba, Brasil
  • Tarsila Fernandes Vidal


INTRODUCTION: Flexibility is said as the smoothly, painlessly and without restriction movement of a joint. Decreased on flexibility will result in decreased performance and lack of coordination of movements. To avoid such damage, there are treatments suitable for basic stretches that will improve the functionality of the individual.


OBJECTIVE: The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Muscle Energy Technique and the effectiveness of self-stretching on flexibility gains of posterior master chain.


METHODS: This is a cross-sectional, quantitative study, conducted with 26 students of Physiotherapy of Patos Integrated College, which were divided into two groups, G1 and G2, with a total of 13 participants in each group. It was used as a collection tool the Wells  bank . Data analysis was performed using SPSS software version 18.0, and analisdos by descriptive and inferential statistics.


RESULTS: It was observed that most of the participants were female, with mean age of 20 years. It was observed that the gain of flexibility between two calls is less than the immediately flexibility gain.


CONCLUSION: According to the results obtained, it was observed that muscle energy technique, as well as self-stretching technique, proved to be effective for flexibility gaining of the rear master chain, being the TEM which showed better efficacy.


Aug 8, 2016
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MARQUES, Israel de Lucena et al. Effect of the Muscle Energy Technique and Self-Stretching on Flexibility Gain of Posterior Chain. International Archives of Medicine, [S.l.], v. 9, aug. 2016. ISSN 1755-7682. Available at: <https://imed.pub/ojs/index.php/iam/article/view/1675>. Date accessed: 28 sep. 2021. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3823/2057.
Exercise & Psychosomatic Medicine


Stretching. Flexibility. Muscle Energy Technique.

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