Padovan Method of Neurofunctional Reorganization As a Way for Neurological Recovery in Newborns

  • Lilianny Medeiros Pereira Faculdade de Medicina do ABC Estácio-FMJ
  • Daniele Correa Vileicar
  • Samara Bezerra Sales
  • Maria do Socorro Landim Rodrigues Alves
  • Jamile de Melo Casado Pereira
  • Lourena Maria Lourenço Alves
  • Carla Joseane Rodrigues Figueiredo
  • Hermes Melo Teixeira Batista
  • Woneska Rodrigues Pinheiro
  • Italla Maria Pinheiro Bezerra
  • Luiz Carlos de Abreu


Introduction: The physiological basis of neurofunctional reorganization in stimulating the nervous system is justified and ratified by the concepts of neuroplasticity and therefore, its use in neonatology is well indicated.

Objective: Describe how Neurofunctional reorganization through Padovan method can contribute to restore neurologic function of newborns and can avoid the need for gastrostomy and shortening hospital stay.

Method: Descriptive and retrospective study performed in a hospital at Ceará´s inland, Brazil, through analysis of medical records. 92 patients from the neonatal ICU who suffered perinatal asphyxia and evolved with neurological disorders were evaluated. Patients received Neurofunctional Reorganization therapy, which is the performance of physical and oral exercises that complement each other in order to recover lost functions and also prepare the body to acquire functions and capabilities which it has potential for.

Results: Eighty-two patients completed the therapy and showed positive results (89.1%). The main expected outcome was the recovery of suction and this was achieved in between 8 and 150 days. 48 cases showed an improvement between 8 and 30 days of treatment (56%).

Conclusions: The Neurofunctional reorganization proposed by Padovan is effective in the recovery of neurological function of newborns, especially the suction, shortening the hospital stay and avoiding gastrostomy.

Sep 19, 2015
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MEDEIROS PEREIRA, Lilianny et al. Padovan Method of Neurofunctional Reorganization As a Way for Neurological Recovery in Newborns. International Archives of Medicine, [S.l.], v. 8, sep. 2015. ISSN 1755-7682. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 17 sep. 2021. doi:


Perinatal asphyxia; neuroplasticity; prematurity; neurofunctional reorganization, nervous system

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