Collagenase Cream in Non-Stitched Skin Wounds after Punch Biopsy

  • Laila Deprá Tiussi State University of Pará
  • Mayara Silva Nascimento State University of Pará
  • Felipe Lobato da Silva Costa State University of Pará
  • Antônio Carlos de Souza Corrêa State University of Pará
  • Renan Kleber Costa Teixeira State University of Pará
  • Carla Andréa Avelar Pires State University of Pará
  • Edson Yuzur Yasojima State University of Pará


BACKGROUND: The use of debriding drugs is not common in a situation of acute wound healing, despite its widespread use in chronic wound healing, with satisfactory results. Collagenase is one of the most used debriding drugs, and its application after a non-stitched skin wound biopsy could lead to a better wound healing outcome and less complication

METHODS AND FINDINGS: Fifteen Wistar rats were used in this study; four excisional wounds were performed on the dorsum of each animal. Once in a day, collagenase cream was applied in the cranial wounds, while the caudal wounds were washed with isotonic saline. After 7, 14 and 21 postoperative days, 5 animals were randomly chosen for macroscopic and microscopic wound analysis. At the 7th postoperative day: collagenase cream induced greater monocytes invasion, fibroblast invasion, collagen deposit, angiogenesis and reepithelialization. 14th postoperative day: collagenase cream induced greater neutrophils invasion, fibroblasts invasion, collagen deposit, reepithelialization and higher proportion of type I collagen fibers. 21st postoperative day:  collagenase cream led to greater angiogenesis and reepithelialization.

CONCLUSION: Collagenase cream led to a better wound healing outcome than simply saline rinse, induced earlier angiogenesis and inflammatory step; greater collagen deposit and reepithelialization.

Aug 18, 2015
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Wound healing; Microbial Collagenase; Rats; Debridement