Systems Cell: a Testable Model for Systems Holism

  • A. K. Mukhopadhyay All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi 110029, India


The equations of physical world are bereft of causality. On the other hand, the relational matrix between two or more organelles or organisms is inclusively causal because of operational presence of consciousness and other potent factors like ‘life’, self, mind and information within the system. Standing on the computational platform of informational molecules of systems biology what is that decisionmaking ware which makes cell’s response solution centric as well as holographic?Embedded within what is observable, measurable and reducible into parts, this paper tries to answer this question and develops how the causal operations of information, mind, self, life and consciousness connect signature informational molecules with wisdom of cellular consciousness. The entire relationship has been presented as multilayered and hierarchically nested labyrinthine ware. Systems cell can be used as a model of systems holism and be tested with the credible data from molecular mapping and multidimensional live cell image analysis.

May 27, 2015
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Medical Humanities


Systems Biology, Systems, Holism, Hierarchically nested multilayered, decision-making ware