Posterior Mediastinal Chondrosarcoma- A rare entity


  • Hasnain Abbas Dharamshi
  • Amar Ali
  • Ali Abbas Mohsin Ali
  • Zohair Lilani
  • Syed Zohaib Ahsan
  • Syed Sajjad Alam
  • Syed Muhammad Ali Abidi



Extra skeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma



Chondrosarcoma is a well defined tumor of soft tissue with calcification. Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma is an unusual sarcoma of soft tissue adding only 3% to all soft tissue tumors. Majority of mediastinal foci originates from variety of tissues, the reason being their diverse embryological and anatomical approximations. Chondrosarcomas are more common in males with 2:1 male to female ratio. The exact pathology of these tumors is unclear; however recent data ensures that these tumors have multidirectional delineation. Classical histopathological features of chondrosarcoma include S-100 positivity, EMA positivity. These features of Immunohistochemical favor extra skeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma.

Case Report:

Recent data signifies that the tumor is known for its rare occurrence, here we have reported a unique case of 40 years old male visited Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for pre employment checkup without any symptoms. All the tests were negative except Chest X-ray PA view which revealed dense mass on lower lobe of lung. For further evaluation, CT scan of chest with contrast was ordered and eventually the mass was resected surgically. On the basis of macro and microscopic findings, histopathological tests and immunohistochemical stains, the mass was found to be chondrosarcoma with myxoid origin. This tumor has to be distinguishing among the list of different diseases like hamartoma, hydatid cyst, and neuroendocrine tumors for the differential diagnosis of the case.

Conclusion: Our paper reports an extraskeletal mesenchymal chondrosarcoma originating in the posterior mediastinum with a rare presentation. 






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