Acute abdomen in a patient with haemophilia A: A case study


  • Hermes Melo Teixeira Batista Faculdade de Medicina do ABC Hospital Regional do Cariri
  • Gylmara Bezerra de Menezes Silveira HRC
  • Ivo Cavalvante Pita Neto FMABC Faculdade Leão Sampaio
  • Woneska Rodrigues Pinheiro FMABC FJN
  • Italla Maria Pinheiro Bezerra FMABC USP
  • Vitor Engracia Valenti Departamento de fonoaudiologia da FFC UNESP/Marília
  • Demostênia Rodrigues Coelho Regional Hospital of Cariri
  • Sérgio de Araújo Hospital Regional do Cariri
  • Luiz Carlos de Abreu Hospital Regional do Cariri



Acute abdomen, haemophilia A, factor VIII, TAP block, coagulopathy


Background: Haemophilia A is a hereditary haemorrhagic disorder that can cause bleeding in the intestinal loops and, on rare occasions, simulate an acute surgical abdomen. Careful assessment of coagulation must be performed in these patients, followed by an attempt to correct the dysfunctions. Often, the administration of the deficient factor is sufficient to resolve the problem, avoiding unnecessary surgeries.


Case report: We present a male patient, 15-years-old, of indigenous descent, who was a diagnosed with haemophilia A. The young man was admitted with abdominal pain in the right iliac fossa; ultrasonography suggested acute appendicitis. He underwent an exploratory laparotomy that revealed a normal appendix and the presence of a caecal wall haematoma, without other abnormalities.


Conclusion: This case describes an unusual instance of decompensation of a patient with haemophilia A that simulated an acute surgical abdomen. The case suggests the need for further evaluation of carriers of coagulopathies, whether acquired or congenital, when they suffer abdominal pain. Otherwise, clinically treatable dysfunctions are prone to surgical treatment, with a potential for increased morbidity and mortality. 

Author Biographies

Gylmara Bezerra de Menezes Silveira, HRC

Surgical center nursing

Ivo Cavalvante Pita Neto, FMABC Faculdade Leão Sampaio


Woneska Rodrigues Pinheiro, FMABC FJN


Italla Maria Pinheiro Bezerra, FMABC USP

Laboratório de escrita científica da FMABC

Vitor Engracia Valenti, Departamento de fonoaudiologia da FFC UNESP/Marília

Departamento de fonoaudiologia da FFC UNESP/Marília

Demostênia Rodrigues Coelho, Regional Hospital of Cariri


Sérgio de Araújo, Hospital Regional do Cariri


Luiz Carlos de Abreu, Hospital Regional do Cariri



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