Prescribing oral amoxicillin for orofacial infections; pharmacokinetic perspectives: a review article


  • Najla Dar-Odeh University of Jordan
  • Osama Abu-Hammad
  • Ismail Abdouh
  • Nebras althagafi
  • Rawah Eshky
  • Safa Jambi
  • Rahaf Aljohani College of Dentistry, Taibah Univeristy, Al Madinah Almunawara, Saudi Arabia
  • Shaden Abu-Hammad



Amoxicillin, Dentistry, Infections, Pharmacokinetics, Oro-facial


Despite the continuous efforts to synthesize new antibacterial compounds, most are still at a pre-clinical stage and shortage of new antibiotics is anticipated. Therefore, it is necessary to make the best use of currently available agents. Amoxicillin is the most commonly used antibiotic for treatment of orofacial infections as well as prophylaxis of endocarditis in children and adults. Understanding the pharmacokinetics of drugs helps to shape the appropriate clinical practices and provide guidance for clinicians. Clinical guidelines for prescribing have been established and explained in several resources. However the pharmacokinetic basis for prescribing is probably an underestimated and less tackled area among clinicians. Therefore, we critically reviewed the literature is to describe pharmacokinetics of oral amoxicillin in orofacial infections to provide better understanding of the guidelines and aid evidence-based prescribing practices.  

Author Biography

Rahaf Aljohani, College of Dentistry, Taibah Univeristy, Al Madinah Almunawara, Saudi Arabia

Intern, Taibah University Dental Hospital


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