Future Directions for Closed Loop Insulin Delivery Systems

  • Jaikrit Bhutani
  • Asfandyar Khan Niazi
  • Shaharyar Khan Niazi
  • Sukriti Bhutani


Closed loop insulin systems use a glucose sensor and insulin delivery system to maintainthe blood glucose levels in an automated manner. These devices show great promise as apotential treatment option more importantly for Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 but also, DiabetesMellitus Type 2. However these devices face many problems and these need to be solvedbefore a truly clinically applicable form of the device is commercially introduced. Theirefficacy also needs to be improved in certain groups such as children and pregnant women.The literature search was done on two indexes, Google Scholar and PubMed, using meshwords ‘closed loop insulin delivery in diabetes’. All the publications, by various authors,returning to this search, were critically reviewed, assimilated and summarized. This articlepresents this summary of the problems faced by these devices and suggests possiblesolutions for their improvement.
Dec 26, 2013
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