Hospital-hotel Service and Quality of Nursing Care According to the Perspective of Inpatients


  • Nalma Alexandra Rocha de Carvalho
  • Elaine Cristina Carvalho Moura
  • Lidya Tolstenko Nogueira
  • Lariza Martins Falcão
  • Vanessa Caminha Aguiar Lopes
  • José Diego Marques Santos
  • Fernanda Ferreira de Morais



Background: Hospital-hotel services concepts rescue notions of hospitality in hospitalization environment, and include aspects of patient safety. The perspective is to facilitate the act of meeting the needs of both clients and employees of the institution in all dimensions.

Objective: This article aimed to evaluate the perceptions of inpatients about hospital-hotel services in a university hospital with the perspective of quality of care in health assistance.

Method: Descriptive study in a public university hospital conducted from December 2015 to January 2016. A total of 92 patients responded a questionnaire of items based on hospital accreditation parameters on four hospital-hotel services (domains).

Results: It revealed positive parameters of evaluation with average of 91.8% (p <0.001) for all domains. There was a negative or neutral appreciation of 40.2% for comfort in bed, and 88.1% for information on emergency exits. The results suggest relevant data for quality analysis services offered by hospital-hotel services interfaced with the assistance.

Conclusion: The smooth running of services is essential to comprehensive care in a hospital setting. Leaders and teams committed to the quality of the structure favor processes and results, ensuring quality and patient safety.