Current Landscape of Mental Health in Children and Adolescents in Northeastern, Brazil


  • Andrea Sampaio de Matos
  • Hyanne de Abreu Cândido de Souza
  • Walkiria Régia Ferreira Sousa de Sá
  • Carlos César Messias Silva
  • Jucier Gonçalves Júnior
  • Erich Pires Lisboa
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto



The narratives foment themselves by a discourse rooted in the words of indecision, doubt, insecurity, powers and perils, pessimism and, above all, by the uncontrollable desire of escaping from the pain of being that bother them. The Family members constantly warn the listener or interpreter of the internal dissatisfaction that alert their children. To interpret and listen to the rhetoric of enchantment of the family is one of the effective means to treat and prevent the disease. In this case, the listening must be unreservedly committed, because it transcends the family boundaries, passing to need support and unconditional zeal of the clinical apparatus.






Psychiatry & Mental Health

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