Unveiling The Senior Sexuality: An Integrative Review

  • Renata Lívia Silva Fonseca Moreira de Medeiros faculdade Santa Maria
  • Kamilla Abrantes de Sousa
  • Karolliny Abrantes de Sousa
  • Rayrla Cristina de Abreu Temoteo
  • Marcelo Costa Fernandes
  • Iara Diogenes Silva


This study aimed to analyze the national and the international literature, the perception and experience of sexuality by the elderly person. It was accomplished through Integrative Review, with searches made in the databases BDENF, LILACS, SCIELO and MEDLINE using the DECS "elderly", "health of the elderly" and "sexuality", by selecting 10 articles after inclusion and exclusion criteria. The analysis emerged three categories, covering respectively: the complex definition of sexuality by the elderly, significant changes to existing after the aging that interfere with sexuality and the importance of health education in addressing this issue to guide seniors and elderly not to experience it naturally. It is concluded that the knowledge and approach of sexuality in old age are important and should happen in the consultations with the old man leaving him free to share his questions and experiences.

Descriptors: Elderly; Health of the elderly; Sexuality.

Jan 26, 2017
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