Olympics in Brazil: Effectiveness of Prevention Measures Facing the Threat of a New Influenza Pandemic


  • Maria Josycley Novais Landim Soares
  • Kécia silva Damasceno
  • Pablo Pitta
  • Kamyla de Lellis Sousa Costa
  • Domingos Sávio Matos Dantas
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto


Influenza A viruses, related to high morbidity and mortality worldwide, are involved in major pandemics since the 20th century. A new H1N1 epidemic is happening in Brazil where the Olympics will take place late this year. Being a tropical country, the Brazilian climate favours the propagation of the viruses. Therefore, other countries need to be alert to a possible pandemic dissemination of the viruses due to the high flow of people from different countries, and to consider ways of stopping such propagation. Methods of prophylaxis currently available and in circulation, including vaccine, anti-viral drugs and hygiene measures, do not have the desired effectiveness against pandemics. In view of the above scenario, it is essential to increase the surveillance and intervention on the part of health authorities of all the countries in the analysis of potential cases, and to adopt appropriate health measures in order to prevent further pandemic outbreaks






Infectious Diseases

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