The Process of Organ Donation and Tissue in Hospital Units

Process of Organ Donation and Tissue


  • Izaura Luzia Silvério Freire
  • Gilson de Vasconcelos Torres
  • Andréa Tayse de Lima Gomes
  • Bruno Araújo da Silva Dantas
  • Eliane Santos Cavalcante
  • Francisco Arnoldo Nunes de Miranda



Background: To describe the process of organ and tissue donation for transplantation in hospitals in the northeastern of Brazil. Methods: This is a quantitative, descriptive, prospective study with 65 potential donors, using a structured script of non-participant observation and institutional documents. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results: There were 65 potential of donors, 59 (90.7%) of them underwent laboratory tests to evaluate the functioning of the organs, 49 (75.4%) were evaluated regarding the diagnosis of Brain Death (BD), 37 (56.9%) families were interviewed, 20 (30.7%) of them authorized the donation and 18 (27.7%) had their organs donated. In the donation process, the steps of evaluation, maintenance and diagnosis of BD presented the biggest problems. Conclusions: It was identified that several procedures of the donation process were weak, contributing to low effectiveness. These data support the planning of actions related to organ donation, enabling reflexive action on the process.






Internal Medicine & Hospital Medicine

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