Current Trends Of Brazilian Research In Chronic Diseases Related To Elderly People: A Bibliometric Study. Brazilian Research On Chronic Diseases In Elderly People


  • Ana Karênina de Freitas Jordão do Amaral
  • Terezinha Nunes da Silva, SILVA, T.N.
  • Ana Mabel Sulpino Felisberto, FELISBERTO, A.M.S.
  • Maria das Graças Miguel Duarte, DUARTE, M. G. M.
  • Maria Lucrecia Aquino Gouveia, GOUVEIA, M. L. A.
  • Ana Karina Moreira de Vasconcelos, VASCONCELOS, A.K.M.
  • Ana Zuli Vidal Moreira de Freitas, FREITAS, A.Z.V.M.
  • Greicy Kelly Gouveia Dias Bittencourt, BITTENCOURT, G.K.G.D.
  • Valeria Peixoto Bezerra, BEZERRA, V.P.
  • Maria Adelaide Silva Paredes Moreira, MOREIRA, M.A.S.P.
  • Antonia Oliveira Silva, SILVA, A.O.



This article aims to analyze the national scientific production on chronic diseases related to elderly, published in the last five years in the LILACS database, using the following keywords: elderly; aging; senility; chronic diseases; Alzheimer; dementias. This is a descriptive study, with bibliometric approach. Of the 1,255 units found, 50 were selected and analyzed after applying the inclusion criteria. Most publications on chronic disease were identified in 2011; the degree of doctor was predominant among the authors; the most commonly used mode of study was original papers; the most common area of ​​knowledge is multidisciplinary; among data collection instruments, the questionnaire was the most frequent; the magazine with most papers was the Brazilian Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology; elderly were the most predominant group among the participants investigated; the study region and link of  the most highlighted author was the southeast region. It is noteworthy that scientific production on chronic diseases related to elderly people in Brazil is still in its infancy, suggesting the need for more research, particularly in the context of health promotion and prevention of disabilities that allow guidance to managers and health professionals staff.







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