Fall Risk Among Elderly Assisted in an Emergency Hospital


  • Francisca Maria Michelle Oliveira Lustosa
  • Márcia Maria Gomes da Silva
  • Ana Maria Ribeiro dos Santos
  • Camila Aparecida Pinheiro Landim Almeida
  • Francisca Cecília Viana Rocha
  • Guilherme Guarino de Moura Sá Universidade Federal do Piauí




Elderly People; Fall Accident; Hospitalization


Objective: to analyze the risk of falling among the elderly assisted in an emergency hospital. Method: cross-sectional observational study conducted in the emergency department of a reference hospital in emergency, whose population was patients aged 60 or older, attended due to fall. The sample of 272 elderly was chosen through non-probability intentional sampling. Result: among study participants, the mean age was 74.4 years, ranging from 60 to 105 years. Most elderly were in the age group from 60 to 79 years and were females, most were married, illiterate, with monthly income of one to three minimum wages. There was a statistically significant association between high risk of falling, educational level and monthly income. Conclusion: results evidence the need to minimize the high prevalence of elderly people suffering injuries from falls and to prevent the loss of autonomy as a result of this type of accident.






Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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