Perception of the Nursing Team at a Specialized Hospital about the Work Process


  • Lilian Regina Leandro Bertolini
  • Wilza Carla Spiri Univ Estadual Paulista -UNESP
  • Carmen Maria Casquel Monti Juliani



Practice Management; Nursing Staff, Hospital; Organizational Culture


Background: The aim of the study was to understand the meaning of the management work process in nursing for the nursing team at a hospital specialized in craniofacial anomalies. Method: the phenomenological approach, as the reference framework for the structure of the situated phenomenon, was used to analyze the interviews held with 12 nurses and 12 nursing technicians in the period between September 2009 and May 2010. The analysis included the transcription and readings of the testimonies, looking for the essence through the theming, interpretation and synthesis of the phenomenon. Findings: the following themes were unveiled: Organization of work, the work process is organized through routines and standards; Human resources, highlighting the shortage of staff; Interactive team guaranteeing balance and synchronism in the work process and Stressing organizational climate due to situations that involve physical, psychological and social suffering, resulting from the relation with patients with craniofacial malformations. Conclusions: the study contributes to understand the management work process in nursing at the specialized hospital and highlights aspects of satisfaction/dissatisfaction. A review of the nursing work process is suggested, as well as the adoption of participatory management strategies, acknowledging the workers’ performance in the history of the institution and promoting spaces that permit autonomy, responsibility and commitment.