Characterization of Undergraduate Students in Nursing from a Public University

  • Sayonnara Ferreira Maia
  • Benevina Maria Vilar Teixeira Nunes
  • Priscila de Oliveira Soares
  • Elizabeth Soares Oliveira de Holanda Monteiro UFPI/BRASIL
  • Girzia Sammya Tajra Rocha
  • Lourival Gomes da Silva Júnior
  • Erika Wanessa Oliveira Furtado
  • Jéssyca Stherllany Rosendo Lima


Objective: to analyze the profile of the Undergraduates from the Nursing's course of a higher education institution. Methods: a descriptive, cross-sectional study, conducted with 104 undergraduate students of the Federal University of Piauí, qualified between 2009 and 2011. The data were collected from January to March 2014, using a questionnaire. Results: it was found that most undergraduate students are young, female, single, childless and with an average monthly income of R $ 3,409.80. Most sought professional development through postgraduate courses. As for professional practice, most worked in healthcare (77.2%), mainly in the hospital (46.4%). The practice of nursing care systematization was reported by 65.8% of the respondents, but they did not meet all the steps. Conclusion: the studies with undergraduates should be done periodically to allow reflections, changes, and/or improvements in the curriculum and in the teaching-learning process of undergraduate of nursing courses in the whole country

Nov 9, 2016
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