Effects of Veronica Officinalis Extract in the Kidney of Rats with Induced Sepsis*


  • Eduardo Henrique Herbster Gouveia PA
  • Rubens Fernando Gonçalves Ribeiro Júnio
  • Marcus Vinicius Henriques Brito
  • Edson Yuzur Yasojima
  • Andressa Mileo Ferraioli Silva
  • Andrew Moraes Monteiro
  • Ivone Aline da Silva Rodrigues
  • Lucca Oliveira Gonçalves
  • Luiz Renato Oliveira Lopes




PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of Veronica officinalis extract as a anti-inflammatory substance on the kidney function of rats subjected to cecal ligation and puncture, describing histopathological and biochemical findings.

METHODS: Twenty rats (Rattus norvegicus) were distributed into four groups (N=5): Sham group (GS), normal standard animals; Sepsis group (GSep), submitted a cecal ligation and puncture (CLP); Veronica group (GV), administered only Veronica officinalis extract once daily by gavage from the first day until the seventh day, without sepsis induction; Sepsis-Veronica group (GSep-V), administered Veronica officinalis extract once daily by gavage from the first day of CLP until the seventh day procedure. After the euthanasia, blood was collected for assessment of kidney biochemical and histological analysis were performed.

RESULTS: The statistical analysis showed that there was statistically significant in serum levels of creatinine between GS and GSep (p=0.0029); and GSep and GSep-V (p=0.0184). In addition, there was statistically significant of histopathological parameters observed between GS and GSep (p=0.0001); GSep and GV (p=0.0415); also between GSep and GSep-V (p=0.0003).

CONCLUSION: Veronica officinalis extract promoted a significant anti-inflammatory effect on kidney function and reduction of tissue damage in rats with sepsis.






Toxicology & Therapeutics

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