Spirituality and HIV: a Bibliometric Study in the Health Area


  • Rebeca Coelho de Moura Angelim Programa Associado de Pós-graduação em Enfermagem UPE/UEPB
  • Brígida Maria Gonçalves de Melo Brandão
  • Daniela de Aquino Freire
  • Valesca Patriota de Souza
  • Verônica Mirelle Alves Oliveira Pereira
  • Fátima Maria da Silva Abrão




The study aimed to analyze the bibliometric profile of scientific production in health area on studies that address the theme of spirituality and HIV. The bibliometric research was conducted in the PubMed database. The keywords “HIV†and “Spirituality†were used, considering the period 2006-2015, resulting in a sample of 65 articles. The data showed that about language, it is clear that English was predominant, with 95.4% productions. As the year of publication, 2011 had the largest volume of published articles with 21.5%, and 2010 was no publication recorded. Regarding the journals, the Journal of General Internal Medicine was the most published research on the subject of this study. The quantitative method had a higher prevalence, and the most used instrument was WHOQOL-Bref. The data show incipient publications on Spirituality and HIV, especially at national level, demonstrating the need for more research on this topic.






Medical Humanities

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