Body perception of cocaine users


  • Manuela Carla de Souza Lima Daltro
  • Luciene de Oliveira Marinho
  • Ellen Lima Xavier
  • Tâmara de Araújo Costa
  • Erica Martins de Freitas
  • Humberto Medeiros Wanderley Filho
  • Juliane de Oliveira Costa Nobre
  • Viviane Valeria de Caldas Guedes Garcia
  • Mayara Leal Almeida Costa
  • Polianne Medeiros Brito
  • Aucélia Cristina Soares de Belchior
  • Rosangela Maria Fernandes de Oliveira
  • Karini Vieira de Menezes Omema
  • Michelle Bacurau Trajano Rodrigues
  • Murilo Nunes de Magalhães
  • Nicoly Negreiros de Siqueira Mariano
  • Elicarlos Marques Nunes



Cocaine, Physiotherapy, body perception, Occupational Therapy.


Introduction: The use of drugs by man is considered an ancient and universal human practice. The drugs are capable of causing psychotic and psychomotor disorders.

Objective: It aimed to assess body perception of cocaine users in a city of high backlands of Paraiba.

Methods: This is a research in applied type with a quantitative approach. The study population involved drug users treated at AD Attention Psychosocial Center (Alcohol and drug addicts) in the chosen city. The sample consisted of 18 drug users, 15 males and 3 females, aged from 16 to 49 years, it was applied a sociodemographic questionnaire and Askevold test.

Results: It was observed that there were changes in body perception of cocaine users, prevailing the moderate asymmetry in no more users subjects and very serious in the drug users.

Conclusion: Through this research, it was possible to see that the constant use of cocaine alters the body perception of the users, as the continued use of psychoactive substances causes psychomotor agitation, it is proposed, then, a more comprehensive role of physiotherapy and occupational therapy in these patients, as well as expand the knowledge of the various health professionals on the subject






Psychiatry & Mental Health

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