Pregnant Women’s Perception before the Difficulties of Access to High-Risk Prenatal Care


  • Ana Maria Martins Pereira
  • Daniela Gardano Bucharles Mont’Alverne
  • Raimunda Magalhães da Silva
  • Dafne Paiva Rodrigues
  • Maria Albertina Rocha Diógenes
  • Lia Maristela da Silva Jacob
  • Herla Maria Furtado Jorge
  • Maiza Claudia Vilela Hipólito
  • Janaine Chiara Oliveira Moraes



Prenatal Care, Health Systems, High-Risk Pregnancy, Access to Health Services, Nursing


Objective: To identify the pregnant women’s perception before the finding of high-risk pregnancies and the difficulties of access to highrisk prenatal care.
Methodology: This is a descriptive and exploratory study with a qualitative approach, conducted with 15 pregnant women at high-risk prenatal care service of a public hospital in Fortaleza/Ceará.
Results: Pregnant women reported as difficulties the negligence on availability and assistance of high-risk prenatal service, lack of information about their disease, and the absence of a concrete link to reference and counter reference.
Conclusion: The need for a close look at all professionals working in health care services is emphasized, especially those working in primary care for the realization not only of early diagnosis but to charge those responsible for solving referred cases, fulfilling the principles of universality, comprehensiveness and equity.






Global Health & Health Policy

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