Construction and Validation of Digital Application for Teaching Vital Signs


  • Francisco Gilberto Fernandes Pereira Universidade Federal do Piauí
  • Luciana Maria Oliveira de Sousa
  • Débora Valente da Silva
  • Natasha Marques Frota
  • Joselany Áfio Caetano



Vital signs, Nursing education, Validation studies, Technology


Objective: To describe the stages of construction and validation of a digital application for teaching vital signs for nursing. Methods: It is a methodological development study, conducted between 2014 and 2015, following the standard steps of Galvis-Panqueva: construction (analysis, design and development); and validation (evaluation), which occurred through the measurement of the Content Validity Index (CVI), according to opinion of experts nurses and computer analysts. Results: The Vitaleasy entitled application was developed with intuitive interface, available for download on Android systems, contemplating the vital signs: pain, temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure, as well as one quiz tab test. As for the validation of appearance and content, the application had global CVI 0.8. Conclusions: It is concluded that the application is a feature that presents viable characteristics for use in teaching vital signs for nursing students.






Medical Education

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