Family Relations and Spiritual Response to Palliative Care: a Review of Literature


  • Pedro Alberto Martins Freire Filho
  • Séfora Batista Almeida
  • Débora Batista Almeida Siebra
  • Ianny Alcântara Martins Lavor
  • Albério Ambrósio Cavalcante
  • Ana Carolina Lustosa Saraiva
  • Ivo Saturno Bonfim
  • Michele Ferreira Moreira
  • Raquel de Menezes Sobreira
  • Diego Jorge Souza Ezequiel
  • Séfora dos Santos Feitosa
  • Erich Pires Lisboa



Palliative Care, Family Relations, Spirituality, Adult


Introduction: It is common to prioritize the critical patient care in detrainment of the caregivers, but this usual behavior must change, maintaining the family members as an extension of the care given to patients.

Results and Discussion: Spiritual wellbeing is a complement to all health strands united with physical and psychosocial status, they must be put into the routine of practicing medicine on end of life care in congruence with a good communication.

Conclusion: At all levels of assistance in palliative care the family must be included, therefore clinicians shall have information on how to deal with them and developing activities to improve communication






Global Health & Health Policy

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