Prostate Cancer Knowledge of a Group of Men

  • Bruna Chaves Santa Cruz de Almeida
  • Marília Alves
  • Arleusson Ricarte de Oliveira
  • Ana Elisa Pereira Chaves
  • Yanna Gomes de Sousa
  • Marília Souto de Araujo
  • Soraya Maria de Medeiros


Objective: This study investigates the prostate cancer knowledge of a group of men.


Method: It is an exploratory and descriptive study with a quantitative and qualitative approach. The sample was 20 men from the Family Health Unit in the city of Campina Grande/PB. Data collection occurred in September 2012 and had a questionnaire as an instrument.


Results: It was found that men of this study have low socioeconomic conditions. Regarding the knowledge of the prostate cancer symptoms, most of them (28%) reported difficulty when urinating, and 23% could not inform about the symptoms. Most of them (70%) reported to know how to prevent the disease; 65% reported never having done it prevention. Concerning the information on the disease, 70% of respondents said to receive information about the disease. In the qualitative analysis, it was found that most men do not know the meaning of prostate cancer, saying they cannot say anything about the disease; others reported knowing the disease through the symptoms and prevention with the exams.


Conclusions: There is an urgent need to consolidate the Human Health National Policy by managers, health professionals, and people throughout the national territory seeking to effect the promotion of men´s health to ensure the knowledge about the disease and the adoption of measures to prevent it.


Oct 22, 2016
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Prostate Cancer. Men´s Health. Knowledge. Prevention.

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