Assessment of Nurses’ Knowledge about Food Reintroduction in Tracheostomized Patients


  • Maine Raquel Marinho
  • Maiza Claudia Vilela Hipólito Universidade Estadual de Campinas
  • Ana Carine Arruda Rolim
  • Herla Maria Furtado Jorge
  • Ana Maria Martins
  • Valéria Aparecida Masson UNICAMP



Nursing Care, Tracheostomy, Feeding Behavior.


Objective: assess the knowledge of nurses working in a hospital regarding food reintroduction to tracheostomized patients. Method: this is a quantitative, descriptive and cross-sectional study which used an instrument that consists of 20 closed questions, divided into two parts, applied to a sample of 50 clinical nurses in April 2011. Results: the sample was composed of 90% of female subjects with mean age of 35.4 years, 37% of respondents reported having more than ten years of professional experience and 83% stated that were never approached about the subject and that were unaware of the medical conditions to which the patient should submit to resume feeding by mouth. Conclusion: it was found professional unpreparedness and lack of knowledge in the subject and that approaching the theme since graduation and continuing education measures to be implemented in institutions that meet tracheostomized patients could provide the reintroduction of oral diet safely. 







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