Current Status, Challenges and Needs for Pilgrim Health Record Management Sharing Network, the Case of Malaysia


  • Ali Ibrahim Latif College of Information Technology Universiti Tenaga Malaysia 43000 Kajang Selangor, Malaysia
  • Marini Othman
  • Azizah Suliman
  • Aqil M. Daher



Electronic Medical Record, Electronic Health Record, Personal Health Record, Hajjj, Pilgrimage.


Background: Providing healthcare services to travelers has become very diffiult especially when there is an urgent need to access their
health records. During the pilgrim season, in Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah, the hospitals are having great diffiulties in providing healthcare services to all the pilgrims. This paper discusses the current situation of pilgrim health record management in Malaysia and probe
challenges and needs for implementing electronic medical records sharing framework

Methods: A number of studies are scrutinized to establish the issues involved in creating, archiving, accessing, updating and sharing electronic patient health records. These issues include technical barriers,data integrity and security, individual privacy and confientiality, and trust
in the receiver and its environment to correctly implement policies and vice-versa.A structured interview survey was conducted to gather data
on the current practice of health record management by TabungHaji.

Findings: After analyzing the fidings, several possible approaches are suggested for TabungHajitotake towards collaboration with the global health system.

Conclusions: Benefis may include increased EHR adoption, interoperable medical records, and improved healthcare for Malaysian Hajjj






Global Health & Health Policy