Successful Thrombolysis of a Thrombosed Mechanical Aortic Valve Prosthesis Using a Slow Intravenous Tenecteplase Infusion


  • Amir Mohamed Department of Cardiac surgery, Chest Diseases hospital, Kuwait.
  • Aiman Alruwaih
  • Nael Al-Sarraf
  • Medhat Soliman
  • Mohammad Albanna
  • Fahad Al-Shammari



thrombolysis, aortic valve, prosthetic valve thrombosis


Prosthetic valve thrombosis is defined as any obstruction of prosthesis by non-infective thrombotic material. It has an estimated incidence of 0.03%-4.3% per year and is reported to occur in 0.5%-8% of the left-sided prosthetic valves and in up to 20% of tricuspid prosthesis. We describe a successful treatment of a young man presented with a thrombosed prosthetic aortic valve using a slow intravenous infusion of Tenecteplase without any bolus dose in a newly described dose regimen for aortic valve position and with a complete resolution of the thrombus and regaining the full mobility of both valve leaflets within 48 hours.


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