Lcz696 an Innovation for Heart Failure

  • Herbert Lima Mendes
  • Italo Cordeiro Moreira Faculdade de Medicina de Juazeiro do Norte-CE
  • Gabriel Pereira Bernardo
  • José Angelo Araújo Sampaio
  • Vanessa Lacerda Araújo
  • Rodrigo Amorim Quesado
  • Ticiane Ponciano de Oliveira Lima
  • Priscilla Lucena de Figueiredo
  • José Nunes de Alencar Neto
  • Angelo Roncalli Ramalho Sampaio
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto


Heart failure (HF) is a crescent, solemn and multiple etiology worldwide health problem, which, besides potentially fatal, decreases the life quality of the affected people, mainly the elderly. Despite having obtained drugs that help in the disease development control, have been sought new alternatives for better management of these individuals. The LCZ696, a neprilysin inhibitor (sacubitril) associated with an ARB (valsartan) has shown signifiant improvements in patients' morbidity and mortality, which puts it as a good and interesting option for the treatment of heart failure.

Dec 7, 2015
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Heart Failure; Drug; LCZ696; Neprilisyn, Sacubitril.

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