Significant Learning in Biostatistics: Discipline Analysis in a Nursing Course


  • Itamara da Costa Sousa Universidade Federal do Cariri - UFCA
  • Aliéren Honório Oliveira
  • Maria de Fátima Antero Sousa Machado
  • Evanira Rodrigues Maia
  • Maria do Socorro Vieira Lopes
  • Edilma Gomes Rocha Cavalcante
  • Jucier Gonçalves Júnior



Education, Nursing, Baccalaureate, Biostatistics, Teaching, Learning


We aimed to evaluate Biostatistics teaching planning in a Nursing undergraduation course through the identifiation of methodological approaches that promote a signifiant learning. This is a documental research with comparison between educational planning documents and a didactical-pedagogical verifiation form, which was applied from April to May 2014, in Ceará State, Brazil. The results were organized in charts. The learning objectives followed the teaching proposal; however, the verbs used were distant from the competency-based teaching planning. The teaching strategies were traditional, although they had some advances with regard to group discussions and activities integrated in seminars. The written tests method had more prevalence in evaluations, and bibliographical references were taken from books
whose years were obsolete. The teaching planning could be reorganized considering the addition of active methodologies based on critical pedagogy, which would contribute to professional formation.






Medical Education

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