Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Breast Cancer among Women in Saudi Arabia

  • Amira S. Abdallah National Research Centre
  • Rehab M. El-Gharabawy Tanta university
  • Haneen O. AL-Suhaibany Qassim University


Objectives: Breast cancer is accounted for 25% of all newly diagnosed female cancers in KSA. The purpose of this study was to assess knowledge, attitude and practice about breast self-examination (BSE), clinical breast examination (CBE) and mammography as early detection tools for breast cancer among females in Saudi Arabia. Methods: A standardized, confidential, Internet questionnaire was conducted on 764 Saudi Arabian women aged from twenty to above sixty years old in March, 2015. An association of knowledge and practice of BSE, CBE and mammography with age, education level and marital status was investigated. Results: Out of 764 participants, only 159 (20.81%), 151(19.76%) and 99 (12.96%) practiced BSE, CBE and mammography respectively. The knowledge and practice of CBE and mammography were significantly decreased with increasing the age. The married women showed significantly more practice of BSE, CBE and mammography than single ones (OR: 1.6 (1.1-2.3), P<0.014; OR: 3.7 (2.4-5.8), P<0.00001 and OR: 4.2 (2.4-7.2), P<0.00001 respectively). Conclusion: The study points to the insufficient knowledge of female about breast cancer and identified the negative influence of low knowledge on the attitude and practice of BSE, CBE and mammography. Therefore, more efforts are needed to develop a positive attitude toward BSE, CBE and mammography screening practice in the country.

Oct 28, 2015
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ABDALLAH, Amira S.; EL-GHARABAWY, Rehab M.; AL-SUHAIBANY, Haneen O.. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Breast Cancer among Women in Saudi Arabia. International Archives of Medicine, [S.l.], v. 8, oct. 2015. ISSN 1755-7682. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 26 may 2020. doi:


Breast Self-Examination, Clinical Breast Examination, Mammography