Hidden Lives in Hidden Patients: an Analysis of Custody Hospitals in Brazil


  • Ageu de Oliveira Saraiva
  • Hiroê Alencar Braga
  • Wanderley Gonçalves Cordeiro Júnior
  • Ákila Macêdo Freire
  • Pedro Ivo Martins Cidade
  • Sonilde Saraiva Januario
  • Rita de Cássia Pires Bezerra Cavalcanti
  • Thércia Lucena Grangeiro Maranhão
  • Cláudio Gleidiston Lima da Silva
  • Gilmaria Hellen Gondim Gomes
  • Pedro Ivan Couto Duarte
  • Alberto Olavo Advincula Reis
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto




Custodial Psychiatric Hospitals, Judicial Psychiatric Hospitals, Brazilian Psychiatric Reform


There are important limitations regarding the Brazilian Custodial Psychiatric Hospitals or Judicial Psychiatric Hospitals situation. They way how they are administrated, as prisons and non as hospitals, could make the health of their patients worst than when they were admitted. These limitations are not just in the hospitals, but on current Laws of the Brazilian Unified Health System. In addition, patients with mental disorders suffer a complex process of stigmatization, prejudice
and social reclusion. Despite the existing Laws to the adequate caring and treatment of mentally ill patients and the advances in the psychiatric and mental health field, radical changes should be made on the Judicial Psychiatric Hospitals and on the Judicial and Health Systems in Brazil in order to achieve better results in the life quality of people with mental disorders.






Global Health & Health Policy

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