Bipolar Affective Disorder In Adolescents


  • José Antonio de Lima Neto
  • Pedro Henrique Gomes Sudário Lins
  • Carlos Magno Alencar Dias de Oliveira
  • Emerson Pier de Almeida
  • Francisco Ananias Mamede de Morais Junio
  • Leandro Eduardo Sena Oliveira
  • Ricardo Oliveira Alexandre
  • Sonilde Saraiva Januário
  • Edglê Pedro de Sousa Filho
  • Uilna Natércia Soares Feitosa
  • Maryldes Lucena Bezerra de Oliveira
  • Martha Maria Macedo Bezerra
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto



Adolescents, Bipolar Affective Disorders, Treatment


Bipolar disorder (BD) is a chronic condition characterized by mood swings that is not rarely presented in adolescents. The presence of comorbid disorders is believed to affect negatively the patient’s state. It has been investigated predictors and risk factors for this disease and it might be a path to get more understanding about the psychopathology underneath the BD. The concomitant substance use disorders in a bipolar individual are a challenge to achieve a successful treatment. The diagnosis of BD is still not clearly stablished, as well as the most
effective treatment is still controversial and undefied. Suicide in a depressive frame of bipolar disorder is one of the biggest concerns for the medicine field.






Psychiatry & Mental Health

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