Bioethics Inserted in Oncologic Palliative Care: a Systematic Review


  • Francisco de Castro Júnior
  • Emidio Macedo Lemos Filho
  • Jucier Gonçalves Júnior
  • Paula Pessoa Pinheiro
  • Ana Lyres Grangeiro Moreira
  • Cícero Cruz Macedo
  • Maria do Socorro Martins Cardoso Novais
  • Jorgyana Coimbra Macedo Cruz
  • Laís Leite Fernandes
  • Regiane Teixeira Silveira
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto
  • Hellen Lúcia Cruz Caldas Lins
  • Cícera Janielly de Matos Cassiano



Bioethics, Palliative Care, Oncology


Introduction: Bioethics emerges in oncologic palliative care from the reflctions of that care at the end of life for cancer patients are usually inadequate because the individuals has little relief of symptoms, adverse reactions to treatment, threats of physical, social and psychological destruction and loss of functions.

Material and Findings: Systematic review in MEDLINE, IBECS, LILACS and SciELO from 1 st January, 2006 to 10th January. The searchvwas conducted with the descriptors "CuidadosPaliativos" (DeCS);"Oncologia" (DeCS); "Morte e Morrer" (Keyword); and "Bioética" (DeCS) during the month of December 2013. The literature points out that physicians should not accept something as absolute truth; and to help them in their choices at the moment comes to bioethics, which does not provide ready answers, but, with its pluralistic view, makes us exercise the capacity for reflction in choosing the best conduits for the patient. It is necessary to rescue more widely the value of the care that was in the background before the search for the cure of diseases, which in a broader sense, encompasses human, spiritual and social aspects. In Brazil, the practice of euthanasia or assisted suicide are illegal conduct that typify the crime of murder, however, the suspension of therapeutic effort is not prohibited (SET), extensively comment, orthothanasia.

Conclusion: Despite the possible philosophical and ideological differences, it is necessary that health professionals to really take care of severe patients, prove conscious and attentive to the rights of the individual, the real meaning of the concepts of health and disease, issues the lack of therapeutic possibilities, extreme old age and death.







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