The Cystic Mesothelioma: case report

  • Hermes Melo Teixeira Batista Faculdade de Medicina do ABC Hospital Regional do Cariri
  • Jéssica Cosme da Silva FMJ
  • Marco Antônio Bezerra Rulim FMJ
  • Roberto de Souza Mendonça fmj
  • Alisson Cordeiro Moreira FMJ
  • Ana Lais Lacerda Rulim FMJ
  • Italo Cordeiro Moreira FMJ
  • Gilberto de Alencar Nunes FMJ
  • George Nunes Mendes FMJ
  • Vitor Engracia Valenti UNESP/Marília
  • Italla Maria Pinheiro Bezerra FMABC
  • Luiz Carlos de Abreu FMABC USP


Introduction: the cystic mesothelioma of the peritoneum (MCP) is a rare disease, with few reported cases. The first description was made by Smith and Mennemeyer in 1979. It is an intra-abdominal tumor that occurs most frequently in women of reproductive age. Objective: To describe the case of Mesothelioma Cystic the peritoneum due to rarity of this tumor, the similarity of their symptomatic presentation with other diseases, the lack of specific symptoms and characteristics of imaging and its diagnosis difficult, based on postoperative histological findings. Case report: A 45 years old and female, presented abdominal pain in the right upper quadrant lasting 6 months. During investigation was evidenced in computerized tomography a massive hypodense formation, net multiseptada. Its surgical hysterectomy for uterine perforation history. Forwards for surgery with macroscopic findings of retroperitoneal cystic lesion, complex and voluminous suggestive of Mesothelioma Cystic peritoneal. Conclusion: This tumor is known for its local recurrence, and surgery was the only effective treatment.

Jun 30, 2015
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General Surgery


cystic mesothelioma,peritoneum, tumor

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