Modern strategy for new medicine research: study of pharmacological activities of riachin, A non-cyanogenic cyanoglucoside extracted from bauhinia pentandra


  • Pablo Antonio Maia de Farias
  • Ana Luiza de Aguiar Rocha Martin
  • Patricía Gonçalves Pinheiro
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto
  • Tania Maria Sarmento da Silva
  • Marta Maria de França Fonteles



Over the years the search for new molecules is growing, the success of new discoveries often occurs with molecules arising from the nature that subsequently pass through chemical improvements. Unfortunately many of the identified and isolated substances do not reach on to become a drug, a few times a discontinuity of research or possibly the lack of interest of researchers in some structures. Knowing that the Brazilian Flora is very diverse and still has a great variety of species not studied, each year new substances from nature are identified, many of these, possibly with the potential to become a new drug. In Northeast Brazil is not different and among the numerous plant species studied are those that make up the genus Bauhinia that has aroused the interest of researchers, among the most popular is the Bauhinia forficata.






Toxicology & Therapeutics

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