Global Suicide: A problem of health systems


  • Lucas Alves Araújo de Oliveira
  • Lucas Fortes Portela Ferreira
  • Racquel Brito da Silva
  • Sônia Isabel Romero de Souza
  • Florido Sampaio das Neves Peixoto
  • Jesus de Sousa Cartaxo
  • Jorge André Cartaxo Peixoto
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto



Global Suicide, Health Systems, Prevention


It is estimated that over 800 000 people die by suicide and that there are many suicide attempts for each death. Young people are among those most affected. The numbers differ between countries, but it is the low- and middle-income countries that bear most of the global suicide burden, with an estimated 75% of all suicides occurring in these countries. The importance of each risk factor and the way it is classified will depend on each context. These factors can contribute to suicidal behaviours directly but can also contribute indirectly by influencing individual susceptibility to mental disorders. From the analysis of the rate of suicide, the numbers of suicide preventions successful with the number of hospitalizations and hospitalized for attempted suicide, it becomes possible to determine a path in order to create social change in three important factors to be followed to be fulfilled: knowledge (scientific and practical), public support (political will) and a social strategy, showing up as a national response to achieve the goals of suicide prevention.






Psychiatry & Mental Health

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