Influence Of Spirituality In Pediatric Cancer Management: A Systematic Review


  • Camilla Barros Meireles
  • Laís Chaves Maia
  • Victoria Aline Linhares Miná
  • Maria do Socorro Martins Cardoso Novais
  • Jorge André Cartaxo Peixoto
  • Maria Auxiliadora Brasil Sampaio Cartaxo
  • João Marcos Ferreira de Lima
  • Francisco Antônio Vieira dos Santos
  • Janielly Janielly de Matos Cassiano
  • Patricia Gonçalves Pinheiro
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto



Context: Pediatric cancer is a wide challenge for the patients, family and health care team. They must deal with anxiety, distress, and pain. Thereby, to find meaning for this journey, they use different coping strategies, among which, spirituality appears to be a way, providing well-being and hope.

Objective: The purpose of this review was to analyze the influence of spirituality in childhood cancer care, involving biopsychosocial aspects of child, family, and health professionals facing cancer.

Data Sources: To achieve this goal, a systematic review of literature was conducted via electronic databases Scopus, MEDLINE and PubMed using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) terms: “spiritualityâ€, “neoplasm†and “pediatricâ€.

Study Selection: Through this search it was found 65 articles. After analyzing them by abstract 13 met the eligibility criteria and were entirely read before included in the final sample.

Data Extractions: sys Most of the studies stated that spirituality helps pediatric patients and their families to find a positive meaning from cancer experience, turning better the management of child. Besides, health practitioners may be able to facilitate this process working as a multidisciplinary team, providing to patient an unabridged care. 

Results: In this context, previous studies stated that when health care team respects patient’s spirituality their connection becomes stronger allowing confidence to take place, promoting treatment engagement. Spirituality also revealed to be a psychological support that acts improving life’s quality.

Conclusion: So, it is necessary to promote a deep discussion about this topic since graduation, providing humanized care to child with cancer by qualified health practitioners.






Pediatric Oncology

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