Evidence-Based Progressive Passage to Reopening American Societies Post COVID-19


  • Ziad Daoud Michigan Health Clinics- Covenant Healthcare
  • Jesse McLeod
  • Offiang Francis Ikpatt
  • Magdalena Perez
  • Marcus Atkins
  • Tracy SPeyer
  • David Stockman




serology, Sars-cov-2, IgG, IgM, society opening


In the United States, the total number of confirmed reported cases of Covid-19 had reached  1.36 million with a total death of 80,574 and a total confirmed recoveries of 210,000 cases. Significant efforts have been invested to flatten the curve and control new cases appearing in the societies. Meanwhile, the governments has imposed a lockdown with the objective of controlling the transmission of the virus. The re-opening of societies is challenging and might involve threats, many of them remain unseen. We describe here a dynamic scenario to un-locking and re-opening societies using an evidence-based design, suggested by an algorithm of screening using RT-PCR and antibodies in a large population.


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