Prevalence and Clinical Significance of SEN-virus and TT- virus Infection in Chronic HCV Patients


  • Hend Abdalla EL- sayed medical microbiology &immunology department,faculty of medicine,zagazig university
  • Nahla Abd El Hamid
  • Elsaed M. Galal ElBadrawy
  • Sameh M. Abdel Monem
  • Fatma Abdelaziz Amer



Chronic hepatitis C, SENV, TTV, Egypt


Background: SEN virus (SENV) and Torque teno virus (TTV) are blood born viruses. Their effect on the development and progress of liver diseases is still unclear. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence and effect of SENV and TTV among chronic hepatitis C (CHC) patients.

Patients and Methods: two hundred patients with CHC were the subjects of this work. A single blood sample was collected from each patient. Thorough clinical examination and relevant laboratory and radiological investigations were done. SENV and TTV were tested for by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Results: SENV was identified in 3 and TTV was found in 21 (10.5%) of patients. No statistically significant difference was detected as regards clinical status, laboratory findings or radiological examination between SENV or TTV positive and negative patients.

Conclusion: SENV and TTV exist among CHC patients. They had insignificant implications on the course or progression of liver diseases.




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