A Patient Presented with High Fever and Bloody Pericardial Effusion (Hemorrhagic Pericarditis)


  • Jamal Ahmad Wadi Al Ramahi M.D, FIDSA Office 11, The Medical Center, Jordan Hospital and medical Center 29 Adeeb Wahbeh Street Amman - Jordan 11118
  • Nidal Hamad, MD
  • Hassan Annab, MD Director of the Laboratory Department, Jordan Hospital
  • Karim Al Khalidi, MD Radiology Deprtment, Al Khalidi Hospital
  • Omran Abu Khalaf, MD
  • Mohammad Obaidat, PharmD




Pericarditis, Hemorrhagic Pericarditis, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Tuberculous Pericarditis


We report a case of hemorrhagic pericarditis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection of the pericardium which is an extremely rare diagnosis. The literature review showed that there were rare cases of tuberculosis-causing hemorrhagic pericarditis, but the diagnosis was made either postmortem or not firmly diagnosed. Our patient was diagnosed as hemorrhagic pericarditis due to M. tuberculosis, he was treated and was discharged.

Author Biography

Jamal Ahmad Wadi Al Ramahi M.D, FIDSA, Office 11, The Medical Center, Jordan Hospital and medical Center 29 Adeeb Wahbeh Street Amman - Jordan 11118

Adjunct, Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine. University of Jordan

Chairman, The Infection Prevention, and Control Committee. Al Khalidi Medical Center, an Affiliate with Lahey Hospital and medical Center. Bostom, MA.


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