Disseminated Saprochaete capitata in a patient with Diabetes mellitus and HCV Hepatitis; A Case Report


  • Jamal Ahmad Wadi Al Ramahi M.D, FIDSA Office 11, The Medical Center, Jordan Hospital and medical Center 29 Adeeb Wahbeh Street Amman - Jordan 11118
  • Walid Jamal
  • Mustafa Alaskar




Saprochaete capitata, hematological malignancy, yeast, antimicrobials exposure, antifungal resistance.


Saprochaete capitata yeast rarely causes human infections; nonetheless the vast majority of infections were reported in patients with hematological malignancy. Here, we report one of the unusually rare presentations of disseminated Saprochaete capitata in a patient without hematological malignancy, but the patient had a prolonged history of chronic active hepatitis C, diabetes mellitus, prolonged ICU stay on mechanical ventilation, and exposure to several antimicrobials. The currently isolated Saprochaete capitata showed resistance to Amphotericin B, triazoles and ecchinocandins, but susceptible to 5-fluocytocine with MIC ≤1 mg/dl.

Author Biography

Jamal Ahmad Wadi Al Ramahi M.D, FIDSA, Office 11, The Medical Center, Jordan Hospital and medical Center 29 Adeeb Wahbeh Street Amman - Jordan 11118

Chairman, The Infection Prevention and Control Committee

Al Khalidi Medical Center


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