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  • International Archives of Medicine

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    The effective translation of insights gained from biomedical research into improved human health is a global priority. To this end, International Medical Publisher is proud to present the new version of the journal International Archives of Medicine (IAM), an open access journal publishing articles encompassing all aspects of medical science and clinical practice. To facilitate dissemination of research to a worldwide audience and provide a global outlook on medicine, IAM encourages submissions from all regions either developed countries with advanced health systems or developing countries with particular health challenges. The journal aims to become a valuable reference for the publication of high quality, original research, review articles and case reports, for both medical education and medical research. As the communities that border this interface are large and diverse, the scope of IAM will cover the entire breadth of translational and clinical research within all disciples of life and health sciences, ranging from basic science to clinical and public/global health science. The journal will also place a high priority on rapid publication. The journal seeks to publish a broad range of research study types, from experimental findings, critical analyses, methodological & technical innovations, and hypotheses to observational epidemiological studies, clinical trials, meta-analyses, and study protocols. In addition, IAM publishes commentaries, reviews, and viewpoints that enhance the accessibility and applicability of basic research findings for health professionals, and promote a better understanding of clinical challenges for biomedical researchers.

  • Annals of Molecular Medicine

    Annals of Molecular Medicine (AMM) is a quarterly peer reviewed online journal which publishes articles that focusing on basic and translational studies of human diseases at genetic, molecular and cellular levels. AMM offers an open access platform for scientists, researchers and clinicians to improve disease diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention. AMM encourages submission of studies on all aspects of molecular medicine, but are not limited to Molecular Diagnostics, Clinical Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Immunology, Microbiology, Neurosciences, Neurobiology, Cardiology, Pathology, Oncology, Hematology, Stem Cells, Personalized Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacogenetics, Genetics and Epigenetics, Gene Therapy, Structural Biology, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology.

  • Acta Reumatológica

    Acta Reumatológica es una revista que tiene por fin la difusión de estudios clínicos relacionados con aspectos prácticos del diagnóstico, tratamiento y seguimiento de pacientes con patología reumatológica, de estudios epidemiológicos vinculados a la patología inflamatoria y musculoesquelética de presentación común o infrecuente en la práctica clínica tanto en población adulta como pediátrica, de casos clínicos de patología poco habitual o de presentaciones atípicas de patología frecuente, de imágenes didácticas e ilustrativas en reumatología y del estado actual e innovación en la formación especializada en reumatología.

    Acta Reumatológica cuenta con un Consejo Editorial formado por un equipo multidisciplinar, relacionado directa o indirectamente con la especialidad, cuyos miembros se han formado en distintas escuelas y cuentan con una trayectoria reconocida tanto en la actividad científica y clínica, como en la formación de nuevos especialistas.

    Los objetivos y alcance de la revista son: (1) estudios clinicos relacionados con aspectos practicos del cuidado y seguimiento de pacientes con patologia reumatologica, (2) estudios relacionados con patologia musculoesqueletica de presentacion comun en la practica clinica en urgencias y atencion primaria, (3) presentacion de casos clinicos de patologia infrecuente o de presentaciones inhabituales de patologia frecuente, (4) imagen en reumatologia con especial atencion en la aplicación de la patología musculoesquelética y (5) estado actual e innovación en la formacion especializada en reumatologia.

  • Open Journal of Medicine

    The mission of Open Journal of Medicine (2174-680X) is to facilitate the equitable, global dissemination of high-quality health research; to promote international dialogue and collaboration on health issues; to improve clinical practice; and to expand the understanding of medicine and health care.

    Open Journal of Medicine is indexed/listed in SHERPA/RoMEO, SWETS

  • Health Policy and Research Systems

    Health Policy and Research Systems (HPRS) provides free access to research information around the globe without financial, legal or technical barriers and act as a forum for exchanging of ideas/views. HPRS is an international, peer-reviewed, hybrid journal.The journal features articles on those projects, which are making a significant impact on the education of health personnel. This journal is indexed in Google Scholar and freely distributed and available from multiple websites.

  • Neurology and Neuroscience

    Neurology and Neuroscience is a hybrid, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles concerned with any aspect of clinical neurosciences such as neurology, psychiatry and neurosurgery, as well as basic research on neuroscience. This is the journal where neurologists and neuroscientists publish together.
  • The International Arabic Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

    The International Arabic Journal of Antimicrobial Agents (ISSN: 2174-9094) is an open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes scientific papers about all aspects of antimicrobials. The journal will publish original research articles, reviews, brief reports and case reports dealing with basic and clinical antibacterial agents, antiviral, antiprotozoa, antituberculosis, antifungal and antihelminthes agents. All manuscripts must be prepared in English, and are subject to a rigorous and fair peer-review process.

    Accepted papers will immediately appear online for open access. This journal aims to advance the knowledge, attitude and the research of chemotherapy in the Arabic world in cooperation with international, national scientific and public societies as well as research centers with similar aims and objectives.


    Professor Dr. Asem A. Shehabi



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  • Biomedicina

    Biomedicina es una revista dedicada a la investigación en medicina y ciencias afines, que aborda todas las áreas de la medicina. Recoge exclusivamente artículos originales. Es un lugar de encuentro entre investigadores básicos y clínicos, con especial énfasis en la investigación translacional.

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